Review Jungle Kingdom: The Pixel-Art Animal NFT Play To Earn Game Metaverse

Jungle Kingdom is a NFT game with pixel-art animals that economically, expandable and sustainable characteristics. The game has some of the characteristics of the metaverse as well.

Two assets needed to play the game are NFTs (which players can buy) and BNB equivalents AMT, which they can use to buy characters and animals or upgrade in-game decisions.

The gaming company has created a long term strategic plan and a token economy, to make the game use AMT tokens as a reward.

In future, animals will rule the world again. Native animals such as lions and tigers will fight invaders to regain their land under the rules of Jungle Kingdom.

The king of the lion is a great leader and it will lead others into battle to protect them. It recruits other animals who also want to protect their home to fight together.


Animals available in the Jungle World will have a variety of attributes, including high-quality. At Jungle Kingdom, you can trade any of your characters to get more coins. Your PVE adventure levels can determine which of your animals will be victorious.

The amount earned in game is automatically credited to the user’s wallet, and can be withdrawn after 48 hours. However, if you withdraw it as soon as possible, there will be a 20% charge for the transaction.


To recruit an animal warrior, you need to spend 0.2 AMT plus 0.02BNB. After recruitment, you’ll need to wait 12 hours to unlock said animal warrior. If you want to speed the waiting time up, then it will cost an additional 100AMT each time.

The player can arrange their warrior animal to battle and win AMT once they unlock the animal.

Players can also use AMT and XP to upgrade animals, so that they have a better chance of battling opponents with higher levels. It’s recommended to reinvest the BNB you earn in order to recruit more warriors, which will make you more powerful.

Upgrading your game will improve your game stats and allow you to win more rewards. Warrior Castle is upgradeable with each update, which corresponds to new stats.


Jungle Kingdom NFTs and Summon Crystals can be traded in the Marketplace with a set price. Sellers have the right to set prices on their items. When playing, you can set the price of each block and it will change depending on its value relative to the other blocks.

Players are allowed to trade warrior animals in their depot. Once one animal has been sold on the marketplace, its traded counterpart cannot recover its HP. We charge a 5% surcharge fee on successful sales of the marketplace.


Holders of the $AMT token will act as key players of the entire Jungle Kingdom ecosystem.

Token Name: Animal Token
Token Ticker: AMT
Decimal: 18
Total: 100,000,000 (100 million)
Tax: Free tax for buying, 12% tax for selling
Contract Address: 0xA15fc74aB9794343F5F703489591F10e402d90e0


Total supply: 100,000,000
Seed: 6,000,000
Presale: 10,000,000
Airdrops and community rewards: 1,000,000
Play-to-Earn reward: 40,000,000
NFT mining: 30,000,000
DEX liquidity: 5,000,000
Listing and marketing: 8,000,000


Seed Round

Price: 1 BNB = 24,000 AMT
Total amount: 250 BNB
AMT Sale: 6,000,000 ( 6 million)


Price: 1 BNB = 20,000 AMT
Total amount: 500 BNB
Purchase range: 0.1 ~ 1 BNB
AMT Sale: 10,000,000 (10 million)


Username: aliceasuna94;u=2719687



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