Review LetsEarn: The First Sustainable Auto Compounding Protocol In Crypto

3 min readApr 19, 2022

For the first time, $LETSEARN holders can earn high returns without taking any chances. Let’s Earn is a sustainable protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that won’t take risky measures that many other protocols do.

The APY is a measure of how much your principal will accumulate, over time. It takes into account the effect of compounding so that the interest on your investment will be included in the next year’s interest. is a peer-to-peer network with $LETSEARN tokens being the students’ money, that rewards 8% of compound interest every rebasing period.

The Let’s Earn Protocol automatically stakes the $LETSEARN token and compiles interest. It currently has an APY of 109,619.88%, which means that it is providing a high amount of interest that is sustainable for a long time. The protocol is ensuring stability for the LETS tokens through its optimization.

The Let’s Earn Protocol takes advantage of the increased token supply of traditional staking protocols, without requiring coins to be approved. This means you can reap the benefits without any risk of your tokens being frozen.

Remember this sentence because it tells you how to Let’s Earn works. The Risk-Free Value is a separate wallet that collects funds through a sharing of 5% of trading fees on the $LETSEARN/$BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. This RVF supports and stabilizes the liquidity pool if needed.

Let’s Earn is creating sustainable protocols for compounding and staking that are available to anyone.

Fast, but long-term sustainable. You can rebase every day to keep APY high and your funds in your wallet. The reward system is consistent and easy to manage.

Let’s Earn is an incubated project that Seed Capitalists and Economic Experts assist with. Moon station assists Let’s Earn by providing Funding for startups, Guidance on smart contracts and tokenomics, Marketing Strategies, and Influencer contact management.


Name: Let’s Earn
Initial supply: 5,000,000 (5 Million $LETSEARN)


Seed sale : 2%
Private sale : 20%
Public sale : 30%
Liquidity : 30%
Marketing, burn & reserve fund : 16%
Platform fee : 2%

$LETSEARN tokens are the native token of Binance’s new blockchain called the BEP20. They receive rebase rewards for their holders, but that supply is elastic which means that even if its price increases in value, it will shrink to meet a positive feedback loop.

These two technologies ensure holders have a passive income, with the value progressively growing.

The $LETSEARN token is well-established and has a very important function in the Let’s Earn ecosystem. Without it, many of the functions cannot come to fruition.

Fees on the Binance Chain are an important part of what makes the protocol work, and they make up for that by balancing out LP, RFV, and Treasury. This keeps our APY at 109 619,88% stable.


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