Review MPLAZA: The Virtual Commercial Hangout Space on Metaverse

3 min readApr 19, 2022

Mplaza is a virtual space for Web2 and 3 users to monetize their creations in exchange for goods, services, and tokens. The space is a hangout where users can interact with each other, in the metaverse. We are creating the ultimate space for businesses, culture, shopping, and events.

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In Mplaza, you can create your own NFT game with interactive assets to make it your own. Never before has the BSC allowed designers to test their gaming ideas and build a product they want.

MPlaza is a place where you can make your visions come true. Creatives are given access to world-class facilities and inspiring services.

The Mplaza team wanted to change the metaverse, making it more personalized and taking away the need for centralized shops. The platform is a virtual space for users to design their own NFT games and experiences, giving them control over their content.

Within the Mplaza realm, users can use personalized NFT avatars, spaces, and NFT galleries for networking and content sharing. With these customizable assets, you can make the most out of your digital life.


Mplaza is creating a virtual shopping experience that includes features like design replicas, live customer service agents, and to-scale models to provide the best possible services.


If you want to go on a shopping spree or design your virtual shop, Mplaza will have everything you need.

Event Halls

Mplaza has virtual event halls that can be created to the specifications of the user. These meeting halls are completely customizable and more accessible than ever, allowing you to find the event you need and navigate it with ease.

Build Your Own NFT Game

With Mplaza, you can build your own NFT games and play thousands of other builds. That said, you can also customize the games of your design.

NFT Avatars

The user can create and use avatars to explore the metaverse using pre-built assets. This gives NFT collectors a chance to get the most out of their NFT assets.

NFT Galleries

The Mplaza platform includes AI-driven NFT gallery creation. This will support NFTs from any platform and give a user the ability to create their own NFT designs.


Mplaza has made it easier to network, by creating a more efficient social space. Users can share ideas and culture, when they meet on Mplaza’s virtual messaging platform. The communication interface can be customized for the desires of each user.

Interoperable Platform

Mplaza is a fully interoperable platform that can support different major blockchains and has access using Web2 or Web3 accounts like Metamask.


The prime token for this project is $Mplaza.

At launch, Mplaza will be used on a BSC blockchain platform. Within a few weeks of the Mplaza token sale, Mplaza will be deployed on the ETH and Solana blockchains as well.

The $Mplaza token is on all other blockchains, including AVAX, CRO, and MATIC. With a Buy/Sell Tax of 8% (5% development and 3% LP), they plan to deploy it on all these blockchains and eventually make it across the blockchain landscape.

For the first week of Mplaza’s launch, investors will get up to 800% APY. The interest rate will change in 3 weeks, so people who stake their money before they will get the highest rates.

The Mplaza token can be traded on different cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as bridging with different chains. The price will be kept in check thanks to the bridge(s).


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