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TVG is a social coin that we created using the blockchain. Using the technology of blockchains, our team discovered an efficient and secure way to contribute to TVG. TVG is the first charity-focused cryptocurrency on the market. Consumers can trust their money to TVG and any time they donate, TVG will also make a donation percentage of TVG to help our cause.

TVG is aiming to become a globally-accepted currency that can be used in 193 other countries. With a total supply of one trillion coins, TVG has been questioned about the scope of its project. They encourage people to ask about the coin because it will make sure everyone has access to them, no matter where they are located in the world.

TVG COIN is a TRC20 token, which is used for transactions on the TRON blockchain network. TVG Coin adds value to the TVG community by creating a platform for them to share profits. Essentially, members of the TVG community stake their tokens and swap them to create the currency. The benefits of such a feature include faster transactions, low gas fees, and more.

In light of the present situation where many people are suffering financially and need support, the TVG team has provided a generous solution to ensure people will have access to funds. By defining a maximum limit on 1 trillion coins that these coins can be produced at any one time, we’re making sure that there’s enough for everyone in the world.

TVG tokens are donated to charities. The goal is to donate 100 billion TVG tokens to charity out of their entire supply. 150,000 different organizations throughout the world strengthen and enrich local communities with TVG tokens. By using a percentage of your coins to finance TVG, our vision was given credibility.

Our year-long roadmap includes major features that will make TVG easier to use. We plan to integrate TVG coins with the gaming industry. You’ll have access to a cryptocurrency exchange and utility services like electric vehicle charging stations that will be game-changers for TVG.

We just presented at “The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022” and received a lot of interest from the crowd. We are also registered in the UAE DMCC, and anticipate collaborations with more companies soon. It is never too late to do your part to make the world a better place to live, and with TVG: The Social Coin, you can now invest and contribute at the same time.

We’re confident that if we work hard, we’ll receive encouragement from around the world. That will, in turn, create a global community. Crossing the top 50 cryptocurrency market capital in four years is one of our goals. We expect to gain $500 billion worth of cryptocurrency by 2026.

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