Review WaykiTimes: About Our Technology and Product

4 min readApr 21, 2022

The WaykiChain team is composed of people with a perfect combination of experience in three different industries — game guessing, assets exchange and foreign exchange.

WaykiChain has partnered with leaders in the industry to promote the project and provide support. Their team is promising and their partnerships are strong.

WaykiChain is comprised of a team with both experience and expertise. This team has accumulated engineering and technological experience in industries as varied as finance, entertainment, and IT. They have also achieved groundbreaking breakthroughs through research and application of the blockchain technology.

WaykiChain is a company that focuses on blockchain technology. They are known for their advanced third-generation blockchain which is an industry leader.

WaykiChain can offer enterprise level solutions for powerful smart contracts and more. They can provide high-performance transaction processing capabilities, efficient consensus mechanisms, and powerful smart contract engines with blockchain upgrade management capabilities.


WaykiChain creates infrastructure for businesses and offers industry-specific solutions for the modern era. This is accomplished through their 3-token model, which will provide an unbiased blockchain ecosystem and industry solutions for everyone.

They are committed to working with the community to develop a platform to reduce the negative effects of pollution and global warming as well as increase biodiversity.

New needs continue to pop up in the Waykichain community so the software will continue to be updated. With such models and updates, it should outperform all other blockchain systems.


WaykiChain implements the Turing-complete computing ability at the bottom layer. This is achieved with LuaVM and WASM VM. Lua is a lightweight language that allows developers to develop smart contracts rapidly, and WASMVM is a powerful virtual machine that supports multiple languages, enabling advanced functions in DApps.

WaykiChain supports heterogeneous cross-chain transactions. Different isomorphic sub-chains can exist on the core blockchain while wallet information and data storage are independent. Side chains can define the parameters of the particular blockchain such as consensus, side chain assets, block intervals.

The WaykiCoin stablecoin is pegged to market value and is generated by pledging twice the worth of the asset in question. It can be circulated freely between accounts to meet the demand of various upper level applications. Stability is calculated by its decentralized feed price and a reference price on the block, with stability ensured so that it is referenceable at any time.

When certain collateral assets go under their market value, the liquidation mechanism will trigger. This will ensure that the overall value is supported by a stable coin.

Users of stable coins can exchange them for other currencies without the risk of their values fluctuating. They are created and distributed by the system automatically, so that users don’t have to pay any fees or deductions. Users gain benefits from doing this, by receiving part of the commission from the system when they liquidate one of their currencies using stable coins.

If you’re interested in crypto and/or you want to make transaction processes easier, WaykiChain will be the way to go. An efficient decentralized exchange is supported by the bottom layer of WaykiChain, which supports all procedures from pending orders to matching and settlements. The transactions are all recorded on the chain, hence obtaining auditable account. Along with various types of crypto assets issued on WaykiChain, they can be used for purchases on the DEX (decentralized exchange).

WaykiChain created a robust, patented technology that allows different types of external information to be reliably fed into the blockchain. This is an important task for many applications and WaykiChain’s technology makes it fast and easy to do.

Independently operating oracles provide information for the blockchain, which can be made in consensus with the majority of designated oracles. These oracles have to be sanctioned by the community voted top delegates.



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